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Nike Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1 Shoes/Special Releases

Air Force 1 Release Dates


Air Force 1 from Nike is one of the most legendary basketball shoes, probably with the highest degree of recognition. In 1982, it revolutionised the basketball game and proved that functional can also be attractive, and even fashionable. Mainly the hip-hop scene made Air Force 1 into a real cult object. In 2007, it celebrates its 25th anniversary.



The Air Force 1 from 1982
The Air Force 1 from 1982

In 1979, Nike launched its first running shoe with Air Technology: the Tailwind. Once this technology had proven itself, the Nike designers thought about which sport could profit from this modern cushioning. Basketball was soon a topic, because here the players undergo extreme physical strain. Before Nike Air Technology was integrated in basketball shoes, many players used to wear several socks on top of each other to protect themselves from the impact when jumping.

1982 was then the year: Air Force 1 was launched on the market. It was the first Nike basketball shoe integrating Nike Air Technology and it became one of the most popular shoes on the hardest courts in the world. The Air Force 1 was originally developed for players like Moses Malone and Jeff Ruland. But it was soon worn by other basketball legends whose game was radical.

In 1984, after the first production wave of Air Force 1, Nike customers suddenly changed in their perception. Perhaps because Air Force 1 was suddenly hard to come by, and the demand grew for the basketball sneaker. Three retailers in Baltimore—Downtown Locker Room, Cinderella Shoes, Charley Rudo’s Sports—were finally able to convince Nike to take up production of a completely new series in various coloured designs. Even if, at the beginning, the demand was mainly concentrated on the East Coast of the USA, the popularity of Air Force 1 rose continually. From here, Air Force 1 carried its success out into the whole world. It was mainly the hip-hop fans who discovered it for themselves and made it especially popular.


The Interstate I-95 also played a major role in the distribution of the Air Force 1 hype. It links up three cities where the Air Force 1 is virtually at home: Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia.

Air Force 1 was, so to speak, reborn in Baltimore. In New York, the fashion metropolis, it became a social must-have. And in Philadelphia, the hub of basketball, Air Force 1 became a firm element of the city's culture.

Baltimore, New York and Philadelphia made the Interstate into a traffic channel that conveyed information from sports and culture to the courts and streets of the cities.


By approaching the development of the shoe in an equally practical as radical manner, Bruce Kilgore created a shoe design that proved for the first time that 'functional' could also mean 'attractive, and even 'fashionable' in the positive sense of the word. With an eye for detail and the soul of a traditional cobbler, Kilgore made Air Force 1 along the lines of the principle: everything that's not absolutely necessary for the shoe to 'function' is left out. When Kilgore sat down to develop the shoe that would dominate the world for the next 25 years and more, he generated his vision from the dreams of basketball players all around the world and crafted a reality that had never been seen before.


First, the Air Force 1 only came as a high or low version. Later, the medium-high one joined them.

Overall, more than 1,700 models have been developed in the last 25 years in countless different colours and material combinations.


Apart from the cushioning air sole, Air Force 1 offered the basketballers other advantages:

  1. A Velcro fastening reduced pressure on the basis of the shinbone and fibula, providing better control to prevent twisted ankles.
  2. The Air Force 1 sole formed a pattern around a pivot to allow better movement on the ground.

Air Force 1 Athletes

A particular legend are, of course, the 6 basketball players who presented the first Air Force 1 in 1982: Moses Malone, Michael Cooper, Jamaal Wilkes, Bobby Jones, Mychael Thompson and Calvin Natt.

Plus Charles Barkley, because no other player embodied the Force idea more than he did, who mercilessly fought for every chance and every ball to drive his opponents to desperation. His legitimate successors when he ended his career: David Robinson and Alonzo Mourning.

The youngest members in the Force family are: Jermaine O’Neal, Nate Robinson, Tony Parker, Amare Stoudmire, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Rasheed Wallace, Vince Carter.

With the last six following the legendary six for the Air Force 1 anniversary and ushering in the new Air Force 1 era with their own models.

Original Six

A Poster showing the Original Six
A Poster showing the Original Six

The select ones who were to be the first to disseminate the message of Air Force 1 were the defence specialists Moses Malone, Michael Cooper, Jamaal Wilkes, Bobby Jones, Mychal Thompson and Calvin Natt. On a now legendary poster, they were dressed in astronauts outfits and presented the new Air Force 1 to the public which was soon to triumph all around the world. Their pose was and is a symbol for the six characteristic traits of the AF1: heroic, consistent, dominant, courageous, constant and pure.

Behind the spectacular dunking of an irresistible Philadelphia team, lurks a defence player with nerves of steel. The upper of his metal-look AF1 is an homage to the down-to-earth, indestructible style of Jones.

From the Bahamas via Minnesota to L.A., Thompson demonstrated the power and finesse that made him into a quite special Air Force 1 type. The close-meshed, uncoloured upper made of cotton and jute are reminiscent of his Caribbean roots.

An attacker weapon and solid defence wall. This player could fill out both roles everywhere and anytime. That's the reason for the elaborate perforations of the fully grained leather in ying and yang style.

An elegant, slim warrior who was more a quieter man of softer tones on the court, but let the statistics speak for themselves. The violet silk is a pun on his nickname Silk and the Lakers' team colours.

This man was as cool as ice and buried heaps of opponents beneath him. The materials of his Air Force 1—leather, re-worked polyester and bamboo fibres—reflect the coolness that made him learn a quite special profession after his professional career was over: he became an undertaker.

As big as basketball itself and unstoppable. No college career could attract him. No limelight could impress him. Perhaps because of his down-to-earth origins. The upper of his Air Force 1 is reminiscent of this. It is dark grey, the colour of a concrete court of his home town Petersburg. From here, Malone catapulted himself directly after leaving high school into the professional league to become the first Air Force 1 face. With his help, Nike revolutionised the status quo of the shoe's performance and established a new generation of innovative design.

New Six

REVOLUTION BECAME EVOLUTION. From Akron in the state of Ohio through to the streets in the north of Philadelphia. From the American South Coast to the coast of France. Air Force 1 now lives on in six new players who carry its torch and even more embody the characteristics of the AF1:

Tony Parker: cool aesthetics
Amare Stoudmire: ingenious talent
Kobe Bryant: heart and stamina
LeBron James: majestic dominance
Rasheed Wallace: traditional game
Vince Carter: defiance and independence

Each of the new Air Force 1 players is aware that a tradition is not only to be preserved, but also improved. That's why their AF1 models not only follow the guiding principles of craftsmanship, that all Air Force 1 products in the collection to appear in 2007 display, but they also reflect the game and the style of each one of the six players.

Rich colours, unique details and portraits of the New Six—Kobe, Rasheed, LeBron, Vince, Amare and Tony—adorn the sneaker's upper and stand for the unbroken Force tradition: don't become conspicuous at all costs, but because of unique performance!

Air Force 1 anniversary models

The Air Force 1 Supreme
The Air Force 1 Supreme

To mark the Air Force 1 anniversary, there are a few extra designs on the classic Air Force 1, for instance: high-class leather, less decorative stitching and a specially shaped cuff and tongue for greater comfort.

The Air Force 1 Premium also has metal-tipped laces, anti-soiling shoelaces and an inside shoe specially shaped for a better fit.

The Air Force 1 Supreme has a sandwich sole bound in leather, an embossed logo, leather lining and waxed shoelaces.

The Air Force 1 LUX—Anaconda and Krokodil (anaconda and crocodile). They are produced in Italy completely from very high-grade materials. The Air Force 1 Lux comes in a cedar-wood box. Also with a shoe bag for travelling and a shoetree made of cedar-wood.

Air Force 25

Apart from an Air Force 1 upgrading and two new high-class models, Nike Designer Tracy Teague has also developed a new high-performance basketball shoe that sets quite new standards. A genuine innovation, paying a tribute to the origins of the Air Force 1: the Air Force 25.

By investing the same craftsmanship in ensuring the performance attributes of the Air Force 25 as was employed in 1982 for the AF1, a legitimate successor to the Air Force 1 has been found as regards durability and comfort. The anniversary model Air Force 25 is with Max Air (in the heel) and Zoom Air (in the layer above) a technological innovation that is a revolution compared to all previous cushioning systems.

It will be worn by players who fit in with Air Force with their battling spirit and their attitude: Amare Stoudemire, Jermaine O’Neal, Al Harrington and Nate Robinson.


Air Force 1 Colorways

Ruffin51 of

Jewel swoosh lowtops

All white

All black


white/white-gold leaf (all wht with ylw accent 1998) 630033 118

-yellow/white (1998) 630117 711 00

-orange/white (1998) 630117 811

-varsity red/white (CL 1997) 630250 611

-midnight navy/varsityred-white (SC 1997) 630033 461

-dark forest/white (1998) 630117 311 00

-dark green suede/white

-wht/lemon twist 1997

wht/yellow (1997) 630033 174

blk/safety orange (sc) 630033 081

wht/safety orange CL SC

wht/blk (1996 sc) 630033 103 00

wht/forest green

wht/deep emerald (SC 1998) 630033 133 00

wht/blue spark CL (1997) 630250 141

super jewel lowtops

wht/metallic team red Acoustic Funk Train SJ SC 630300 161 00


jewel swoosh mids

wht/navy “Dunk Style”

wht/wht/yellow (all white with yellow jewel)


blk/3M footaction excl

“Smurf” all royal blue

navy/wht/sky blue

off white/midnight navy (1996 SC) 630125 147 00

wht/metallic gold sample


wht/wht/royal (wht outsole/midsole)


blk/Carolina (1997 SC) 630125 041

wht/carotene (orange 1996) 630125 181 00

wht/orange peel SC 630125 185 00

light zen grey/mid navy-white 630136 041 00 (1997 "terminator")

white/black-black (1996 SC,blk lizard skin) 630125 104 00

natural/wht SC 630125 115

wht/columbia (wht midsole)

wht/Carolina blue SC CL

wht/blk (all blk midsole and outsole)

light zen grey/wht (SC) 630125 015

dark grey/white (?)

wht/deep forest 630125 132 (product number questionable)

blk/natural (SC) 630125 016

blk/goldenrod OG

blk/goldenrod retro

White/Varsity Red-Mdnight Navy 630258-161 (“Indy Day” year 1997)

mnavy/vrsmaize-truwht (navy/yellow) SC 630125 471

wht/apple green

wht/mean green cl sc 630236 131

midnight navy/safety orange (SC 1997) 630125 481

super jewel mids

wht/metallic silver(SJ half toe) 630317 101

Korea 2002

Wht/metallic jade green (SJ SC 1998) 630292 131 00




wht/navy NYC is under NYC


-Blk/wht Hi (smooth leather)

-Blk/wht Hi 302640-011 (patent, year 2002)

-Wht/red Hi

-Red/wht all star patent

-red/wht patent low (Fat Joe owns it)

-Wht/blue (no Sheedman)

-midnight navy/midnight navy/university blue/white ('04 patent high) 307722 441

-White/white-metallic silver (patent leather low) 306347 111

-Wht/wht/university blue patent hi 302640 111

I know there are more, that have differences with the logo

Leather/mesh Hi


Wht/blk (2003) 306346 101

Wht/grey (wht strap, perforated toe)


Wht/purple SC 630313 151 00


Wht/silver 20th

Wht/gray (original 1982)

Leather Mids

white/navy (gold "AFI MID" on strap, unperf toe, circa 1994)

black/blakc (gold "AFI MID" on strap, unperf toe, circa 1994)

gray/light grey toe 2004 sample

all white/sky blue outsole and swoosh on strap

white/white-ice sole (jewel on strap) 630136-118

white patent/navy swoosh and overlays (older, orange box, smooth toe)

wht/grey 2004 Euro 306352 102

blk/red 2004 JD

navy/3M swoosh/grey outsole/jewel circle on strap

white/metallic silver(swoosh)/black(outsole) SC 630125 102 00

grey/red (2003) 306603 061

blk/varsity red 624039 003

white/sport royal 2003 sample 306352 141

"" release 2003 with royal outsole

""Euro, swoosh on back

wht/university blue 306603 142 (blue toe)

wht/university blue 306340 141

Blk/grey swoosh and midsole

Wht/team red (1999) 630125 163


Wht/grey slate Euro

Blk/wht (S, all patent like sheed, smooth toe) 630125 014 00

Wht/wht grey outsole

Navy/grey LE 630125 401

Recent release “stitching”

Blk/blk/varsity red (stitched swoosh) 624051 005

Blk/blk/univ gold (2001 B 'LE' killa beez) 624039 002


Wht/wht-safety orange (B 2002) 624039 118

Wht/red LE 624039 119


Blk/blk/cool grey LE 624039 001

Wht/cane 624039 114

Wht/outlined swoosh


White/white-deep forest 630136 912



Wht/columbia blue LE 630136 911

Euro white/grey slate

obsidian/white-comet red (SC 1999) 630125 414

Midnight Navy/wht (1996 wht outsole and midsole) 630136 411

Wht/Carolina blue sc (leather/patent, smooth toe) 630125 142

Wht patent/navy (???...owned by Hiro)

Wht/navy patent

Wht/lt zen grey sc (leather/patent) 630125 107

Wht/blk patent (maestro)

ivory/black SC patent 630125 103

Wht/silver/ice sole (Canada/Euro) 624039 102

Wht/deep emerald (1995) 630125 131 00

Half toe varsity red/wht (circa '97) 630136-611

White/obsidian 630136-141 (“Half toe” year 1997)

All blk/wht swoosh leather 2001 or 2002 “night rider”

Blk/royal blue 2000 630125 043 00

Blk/varsity royal/white (2003) 624049 042

Blk/red 2001

cool Grey/lightening-lt zen gry (SC 1999) 630125 072


Wht/denim 630136 146


white/white 624039 117 (2002)

blk/blk SC 630125902

obsidian/white-carolina (2003 euro) 624022 411

Wht/var maize-columbia blue (SC 1999) 630125 172

Medium Grey/wht (circa 2002) 304096 011

Grey/royal blue (2003) 304096 041 (prod # is?)

deep purple/university gold (624039 571)

deep purple/university gold (2003) 306352 571

Metallic silver/wht (circa 1997) 630136 014

MR Plump michigan


white/white (2003) 306352 113

Double swoosh

-white/royal-green 2004 sample

-wht/anthracite/varsity blue (EURO 2002) 624039 103 00

-white/grey/green 304716-101(?)

-Wht/medium grey/black (2003) 304096 101

-Wht/wht/red double swoosh

-Wht/wht varsity maize (2003) 304096 117

-black forest/white (2004) 306352 311

-wht/wht/columbia blue (2003 sample) 306352 111

-blk/blk/royal blue (2003 sample) 306352 002

-white/white-team red-black ('04 Euro textured swoosh, small circle at heel) 306352 116

A ll wht with back piece and outsole colored:


Wht/wht/varsity red (SC) 630125 911

Wht/navy 2003

Wht/wht-college orange (2000) 630125 913

Non leather mids

Blk/wht SC (nubuck, red "AFI MID" on strap, 1994) 630125 011 00

blk/wht circa 1995

Clay-black (brown boot suede with blk midsole/outsole)

flax/flax-black (SC 1995) 630125-222-00

Flax/flax-outdoor green 624039-221 (year 2001)

Flax/flax-outdoor green (original)

Chocolate/cream suede 630125-211 (year 1998)

WP Wheat/Wheat-Baroque Br-Lt Bone (2003) 307105 771

Navy blue/white SC 630125 411 00

Gray suede with outlined swoosh


black/varsity red/white (2004 mid) 306348 061

white/black (tan sole 2004 low) 307908 101

classic green/white/sports gold 2004 low 306349 311

red/wht high (very old, possibly as old as '85, this MIGHT be a vandal)

yellow/royal high (^^^"")

white/dark spruce (SC mid) 630143 131

Natural/Underbrush-Acorn 624040-121 (leather/canvas, year 2002)

-royal/white high with orange or red writing on tongue and strap, owned by Hiro (could be purple/white…different pictures show it looking different colors)

-Black/red high

-neutral grey/university gold 624020 071

-Heaven blue/light blue-white 624020 441

-Blk/Silver (SC high) 630098 001 (# is?)

-Blk/blue Hi 1994

blk/green hi

Forest green/white hi 1994

Blk/wht jewel mid

Charcoal gray/wht jewel mid

dark charcoal/white SC Mid 630143 012

midnightNavy/yellow gold-wht HI (kids prod # 653105 471 00)

Navy/orange high

navy/silver high

Varsity Red/wht MID 302579-61110 (Year 2002)

Orange/wht LOW

Red/wht low 1994

red/white low (1997 wht outsole) 630178 611

Red/wht LOW recent

red/wht low jewel swoosh

Carolina blue/wht (2001 Low) 624020 412

university blue/wht low (2003) 624020 415

Blk/neutral grey 2001 low 624020 001

Wht/wht/gum MID B 2002 302579 112

white/white 630251 111 (1997 low canvas SC with gum sole)

Purple/silver swoosh/blk outsole HI

Forest/wht LOW

Orange/white high (white outsole/midsole) early 90s

Blk/yellow (greek 06 colorway) low

Navy/wht low (old)

Navy/wht mid (1998) 630253 411 00

navy/wht hi

Deep royal/silver low 624020 401 (# is?)

Gray Euro (?)

Sport Royal/white (mid 2003) 306348 411

Blk/white-medium grey (mid 2003) 302579 011

Trooper asian low (kakhi)

“ink” dark dark blue asian exclusive like trooper low

medium grey/white (2003 low) 306349 011

canyon gold/night blue (CVS SC 1994) 630099 741 00

maroon/white (white outsole/midsole/swoosh) 1996

Blk/wht low (wht outsole/midsole/swoosh)

Blk/wht low (white midsole/swoosh with black outsole)

Wht/dark navy blue (CVS SC 1994) 630099 141

Wht/midnight navy (SC high) 630179 141

wht/silver swoosh/ice outsole (sample owned by Hiro)

wht/dark green mid

obsidian/white (2002) 624020 414

blk/red low

wht/metallic silver (gray) low 624020 101

white/black "high cvs sc" 630098 101 00

Gum soles

Wht canvas low (already listed)

Wht canvas mid (already listed) 302579 112

wht/wht (1992 hi leather strap)

Wht/wht (1999 Hi Leather strap) 630071 111

White/white-gum 630125 194 (1999 mid)

Wht/wht/gum LE low 630033 916

White/navy low Euro

Blk/gum Hi

Blk/canyon gold gum hi (2003) 306351 001

Blk/wht/gum low Euro

Bobbito Garcia

bobbito mid (?)

Wht low with yellow writing 2003

White/Light Graphite-Buck-Campgreen


- High SC - Black/White (NYC) - 1995

(Black with solid white swoosh and black sole - "NYC" on "heel tab" with red swoosh thru the "NYC") . 630034 011

- Mid - Black/Black-Varsity Red-White (NYC) - 1998

(Black with black swoosh and black sole"NYC" on "heel" and "strap")

white/white-bison red 2003 ("gator skin swoosh Euro") 306509 121

white/bison-varsity red snakeskin low 2004

Wht/ice low

wht/ice low jewel 1997

Wht/obsidian/silver 2003 euro low 306509 141


White/wht-safety orange(NYC) 624039 115

Grey/jewel wht mid

Wht/blk hi 630034 902

Navy/orange jewel mid

Blk/Carolina blue-nyc (jewel mid sc) 630125 042 00

blk/blk/var red/wht NYC 651151 092 00

Wht/red mid 2003 Euro 304716-161(?)

Wht/obsidian/bright ceramic (SCmid,suede swsh,orng accent) 630125 149

Wht/medium denim (actually gry)/varsity red (Euro mid) 306352 143

Wht/blue jewel mid

"wht/met midnight navy (NYC)" 630292 142

Wht/clear jewel and sole mid (fake?)

Wht/varsity red dbl swsh mid 2003,USflaglacepiece 304096 118

Wht/gum mid

Blk/wht-varsityred mid 2003 Euro 306340 011

Blk/blk/wht-varsityred (low 2003 Euro double swoosh)306509 001

wht/blk/varsityred (2003Euro mid wht/blk,red accent) 304716 103

Wht/navy mid (NIKE AIR on tongue, NYC on back)

wht/silver/obsidian (Euro mid 2003) 306340 101

gold dust/bison-white (Euro low half corduroy 2003) 306509 721


"VIBE 2004"


wht/orng/blue "Remix Da Kicks 2003" 306291 161

"LASER '04" cls olive/cls olive-birch-blk 308427 331 (Stephen Maze Georges)

Stephen Georges white Laser sample 2003

darkish Laser 2003 with black midsole/outsole (10 made?)


"LASER '03" NET/NET-BRITISH TAN 308426 111

A super limited low with FUR

Nitro (???)

wmn's varsity red/white(v-day) 624022 611

white/varsity red (V-DAY) 307109 161 ('04 lthr/patent)

Paul Brown/Paul Brown-Net 305895 221 (HTM, year 2002)

black/black-net noir/noir flt 305895 001 (HTM 2002)

Lux blk/blk Hi 624056-001 (year 2002)

Lux LE wht/wht low 305818 111

red Ostrich lux low unreleased

brown croc lux low unreleased

Brown lux low woven leather unreleased

Rose blk/red patent hi (2002) 624038 061

Dirty wht/grey

Dirty gold sample

Puerto rico I 630033 914(?) (circa '00)

white/white-varsity red (PR2) 630033 917

Puerto Rico III

vars red/white-obsidian (PR4) 624040 641

Black/black-cool grey 624038-003 (BMore, year 2003)

Baltimore white/blk “mistake” high

Chitown 1 low (wht/varsity red) 630117 913

Chitown 2 mid

Chitown 3 low (white/varsity red) 306353 162

d-town mid

dtown mid part 2

wht/white lacquer (AFI Plus 'I believe' 2002) 624040 116

White/samba 624040-161 (Year of theHorse I, year 2002)

Wht/Wht/VarsityRed/MidnightNavy 624040 115 (Horse, patent/ice sole)

white/met copper/walnut (Rush/energy 2002) 624040 181 00

Year of the goat wht/orange/ice sole low

Year of the Monkey (2003) white/pecan 306901 121

Korea 2002 (already listed)

Rocafella all wht low

Rocafella all wht-ice low (jayz lettering under outsole)

black/white (THE BLACK ALBUM) 306033 011 low '04

Wht/wht/classic green 624054-111 (West Indies, year 2001)

West indies (reissue)

Wht/wht/university gold(WI2) 306350 111

Deep purple/gold 630117-571 (LA 1, year 2001)


Greek 06 blk/gold

STASH hi Tokyo

STASH hi London


Bobbito wht/maroon low (already listed)

Bobbito white/maroon mid

Wht/wht mid (#7, Michael Vick)

Wht/wht ice sole low (Shady Records)

GreyOne high

Wht/wht/red double swoosh low (African flag)

white/navy 630033 145 (1996 SC with USA on heel tab)

var crimson/jrsy gold-coll navy (Lebron 2003) 306353 671

2004 black/grey(white midsole) sample with Lebron logo lasered on

Leather low

-wht/navy/chrome JD (white with silver outlined navy swoosh)

-2004 JD white/sport red/grey (grey with white overlays, red swoosh)

-2004 JD grey/white/raspberry (back piece is dark grey)

-2004 JD Sports Baroque pack (brown/tan/sky blue swoosh)

-white/team red-blk-vars maize (Euro '04 doub swsh, textured swsh with small circle at heel) 306509 162

-white/black toe '04 sample 306353 103

-red/white-royal swoosh '04 sample

-white/royal-red swoosh '04 sample

-grey/black 2004 JD sports (like the blk toe but without the blk toe)

-all white/red sole

-BLACK/MED GREY-GOLD LEAF (LTD 2004 sample) 308837 001

-wht/zen grey 1999 suede swoosh

wht/wht 304988 111 (prod # is ??)

wht/royal (2003) 304988 141 (color, prod # are ??)

neutral grey/dark charcoal/medium grey ('04 Premium camo) 308039 001

black/neutral gray/white 306353 004

wht/royal 1982 player sample

black/white-black (2003 JD SPORTS) 306509 011

WHITE/BLACK-LT CHARCOAL (2003 doubleswoosh) 306509 101

wht/sport royal/black double swoosh 2004 Euro 306353 143

white/dark pine (SC circa 1995) 630033 132 00 (# is?)

white/royal (1982 OG player sample)

White/white-obsidian-comet red ('UnPR1')630033 913

Navy/red (a bit questionable)

Obsidian/white (1999 SC) 630033 412

Blk/yellow (like 06 but without the 06)

Black/red 2003 JD Sports UK exclusive

Wht/Carolina swoosh/navy outsole/midsole 2003 sample

Wht/silver swoosh/blk outsole and midsole 2003 sample (same colorway as 1991 high)

Orange/wht 1990

Wht/orange 1991

Red/wht 1993

Navy/navy (wht midsole) 1990

Wht/grey/sky Euro outline swoosh

Green/wht (stitched swoosh) Hong Kong


Forest green/white

Wht/navy/gold writing 1992

Wht/light blue

ivory/tan snakeskin (SC) 630033 121

Wht/obsidian snakeskin (SC) 630033 146

Wht/green snake (???)

Wht/black-cocoa (snake) 630117 103

wht/wht (SC, all patent leather) 630033 144

Wht/metallic silver

Medium Grey/Twilight Blue 630033-044 (Atmos, year 2001)

“notmos 2003" midnight navy/white-neutral grey 306509 411

black/black-silver 624040-001 (Blk/3M/snake swoosh, year 2001)

1991 White/Fluoro Pink

1999 french blue/white neutral grey nubuck

White/black-lt graphite (carbon fibre swoosh) 830261 101

Wht/carbon 1994

Linen/atmosphere 630117-261-00


Wht/midnight navy (denim swoosh 2003) 624040 143


medium Grey/wht (Euro 2002) 305200 012

obsidian/neutral grey (Euro 2002) 305200 401

Wht/red (1999) 630033 163 00

Wht/wht-varsity red (2001) 630117 119

Wht/wht/university gold 630033 912

Wht/wht royal

Wht/wht orange

wht/midnight navy 624040 141 (LE 2001)

Wht/Columbia blue 624040 142 (LE 2001)

White/black (B) 624040-101 (LE 2001)

Wht/blk 1991


Wht/Wht/obsidian (2003) 624040 117

Wht/wht/black (double swoosh 2003) 624040 119

blk/wht (SC patent 1996) 630033 013

Red/wht greek

Wht/canyon gold (unLA2 2002) 624040 113

obsidian/columbia blue (2002) 624040 441

Mushroom/midnight navy SC (circa 1997) 630033 241 00

Wht/wht/ice sole 2002

all wht patent/ice sole

Wht/wht 630033-911-00

blk/wht swoosh (LE 2001/2002) 624040 010

Medium Grey/columbia blue (1999 SC "glaciers") 630033 042 00

Grey/navy (suede swoosh)

Chocolate/light straw 630033 211

Dark grey/wht or tan (same as above except color)

Dark red/silver (same as above except color)

Wht/midnight navy-metallic silver (2002 Euro fadeswoosh) 305200 141

Cinder/lt. bone Euro 305200-201 (2002)

Wht/gray (2003) 306353 101

Wht/orange swoosh/navy outsole

Wht/navy/orange writing (late 90s)

White/Varsity Red-Midn Navy 630117-161 (Taiwan patent, year 2001)

Wht/met. Gold(wht outsole/midsole), 1995

White/Black/Bison (SAMPLE 2003 Style # m1c1030407)

white/black/bison (2003, red accent, lthr/nbk) 306509 102

wht/wht/lt stone (2003 doub swoosh sample) 306353 111

wht/red toe (2003) 306353-161 (?)

lt graphite/blk (gry/blk toe 2003) 306353 002

WHITE/MIDNIGHT NAVY-NTRL GREY (JD excl. plastic swsh) 306509 143

Suede low

suede/leather navy 2004 sample

Wheat/Wheat-Dark Mocha 624040-771 (year 2001)

Carolina blue/white (SC) 630033 411 00

Dark Zen Grey/white (SC) 630033 015 00


ALL navy nubuck

Navy/wht NUBUCK

Leather/mesh low or mid

light gray (dimpled)/black unreleased sample

blue plaid sample

Wht/metallic silver low (1999)

Obsidian/cone (navy/orange) 630350 481

Blk/varsity red 630350 061

Wht/varsity red (2003) 306509 161

ornge flash/clssic grn-blk-wht (CARNIVAL, 2003) 307334 831

yel zest/orng flsh-wht-cls grn (CARNIVAL, 2003) 307334 781

Wht/light grey (LE undirty) 302945 111

Wht/navy JD Sports with top metal eyelet

black forest/zest/magnet/white "SC supreme court" 306352 371

Navy/yellow mid sample

wht/orange mid sample (KTown showed us)

Womens low

Wht/chili red (patent swoosh) 624022 114

Wht/grape (purple, patent swoosh)

Wht/wht/shock orange (LE) 624022 113

White/white-turbo pink 624022-111 (year 2001)

wht/wht/cyber 624022 114


Wht/orion blue (patent swoosh) 624022 142

Blk/real pink (2002 patent swoosh) 624022 061

All white/ice/jewel 306511 111

"" 302641 111 (unclear if there are really 2 prod codes or not)

Wht/wht-violet pop (patent swoosh, 2003) 624022 116

real Pink/white (canvas 2003) 306512 611

grape ice/neutral gray/white (2004 canvas) 306512 501 (pat. swoosh)

Blk/university blue (2003 patent swoosh) 307109 041

Wht/university blue (JSW 2003 jewel) 306511 141

white/gray purple/cape purple (2003) 307109 151

white/light carnation (light pink 2004) 307139 162

shamble blue/blue ribbon/white (plaid 2004) 308038 441

white/ice sole (patent swoosh) 624022 115

Women's Mid

pink on grey 2004 sample double swoosh

Air Force II 2

Nike Air Force III 3