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Mission Statement

We want to get a good amount of info about every shoe Ever made. And there are ALOT of shoes that have been released over the many years. We want to share this info for free. We want to be a valuable resource for sneaker information and a place to trust for anything sneaker related. We dont want to just provide info on Nike but also include other brands that help make up the sneaker world.

Shoepedia is an online sneaker encyclopedia. It is written collaboratively by volunteers, allowing articles to be added or changed by anyone with an internet connection. The project began on December ~02, 2005 as a, hopefully, complete sneaker directory in the years to come. Shoepedia has more than just Nike and Jordan sneakers.

You may be familular with Wikipedia, if so your in luck because Shoepedia uses the same software.!

We are looking for a good logo, so if you have skills and would like to make it, send it to We cant gaurentee anything in return, but we promise that if yours is chosen, and this site gets the visits and popularity, you will get something, forsure.

Also there are ways to make moderators. Mods get a few benifits over just normal members. They can move, lock, block users?. Im sure theres more. If you would like to become one post some stuff up and we can see and will reconize that. Im still learning how to make mods, its not as easy as i thought.

Also, we are thinking of getting ads here. Weather that be Adsense ads or just banners from companie/buisness etc or both. That may upset you or make you happy, i dont know. If it upsets you, you can put an end to the ads by donating money. Which i will set up eventually in the donate page, so if you would like to do that, keep an eye out on that page in the next week or so. I will also put up a advertise page.

Thank you.